About Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere (1999)

Marketed in Japan as a "3D Dramatic Flight-Shooting Game", Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere is a PlayStation game spanning 2 discs with 52 action-packed missions,
numerous real-time and animated cut-scenes and 5 different endings.

"The choices you make will change the future!"

The game is set in 2040's USEA (the United States of Euro-Asia), a time where the government and rule of law have been superseded by sheer economic power.
Two competing multinational corporations, General Resource and Neucom, have finally gone to war after years of tensions, engulfing the whole country.

You begin as a fighter pilot working for the UPEO (Universal Peace Enforcement Organization), which tries to suppress this conflict but as war rages on,
you discover that things are not what they seem and your resolve, and that of your allies, will be put to the test.
Things complicate even further when a terrorist group with nefarious goals appears.

The game unfortunately lost many of its defining characteristics for its single-disc NTSC-U and PAL releases.
Most of the original story was condensed into a single story-line and all characters completely removed from the official localization.

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